Small Business Internet Marketing Survey: Over 40% Crying For Help

Small business statistics from a newly released survey reveals more adoption and use of internet marketing by small business. But this survey also indicates a realization from business owners that their internet marketing website and small business social media efforts need to be strengthened.

This survey suggests that small business owners know what online marketing initiatives should be done to grow their businesses. But when they get into the actual implementation of website optimization or social media, they realize they don’t know how to do it on their own.

Overall, 80% of small businesses have a website, with 50% saying they have good results. But another 30% report poor results with their websites. Twenty percent don’t have a website, but 16% plan one in the future.

Some 44% of business owners either build their website as a ‘do it yourselfer’ using a template, or they lean on a friend to build their website. Some DIYers or friends might be well versed in how to build and optimize a website for traffic, but for many that’s probably not the case, and for those small businesses who fail to optimize their website, they risk not tapping the full potential of their online presence.

The study found that 25% of small business owners had their website built by a friend and 19% are “do it yourselfers” using a template. Twenty percent outsourced it to a local development company.

For the most part, business owners are happy with the quality of the design, appearance and content of their websites (over 60%). But the flip side is that about 60% are either dissatisfied with, or are unsure if they are getting, high search engine rankings and visitors to their websites.

While 41% believe their websites bring exposure, 28% aren’t sure what their website does for them, and they realize that they need help beyond what they can do for themselves.

More than 40% report they need help with small business SEO of their website for better local search rankings. Nearly 37% say they need help using Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Nearly 35% need help with email marketing promotions, and 33% need help building inbound links to their website. While templates and other online tools empower the “DIY” website builder and social media user, there are behind-the-scenes technical steps that are beyond the capability of most business owners.

The study reveals that small business owners realize they need small business marketing professional help to get better at marketing their businesses, and they know what they should improve: local search optimization and use of social media. But most don’t know how to make these improvements.

When looking at 2011 marketing and advertising budgets reported by small business owners, it’s no wonder there are so many trying to tackle development of a website and social media on their own without asking for professional help. About 23% plan to spend only between $1,000 and $4,999, with over 14% planning to spend less than $999. Only about 16% have budgets exceeding $5,000.

How Math And Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

If you can figure out what the average lifetime value of a customer is, it’ll probably be so high that you can actually afford to go negative for any marketing campaign that you run. You see if you spent $20 to get a customer but your average lifetime value of a customer is around $200-$300, then who cares?

The bottom line is that you will more than likely recoup that $20 investment in a short period of time. It’s important that you do this kind of math in your business because if you don’t, you won’t know what your limits are when it comes to advertising and getting more sales.

To find out the average lifetime customer value of a customer, all you have to do is see how long a customer has been with you, and how much they have paid during this long tenure of doing business with you. This is the simplest way to find this value, and is something that you should put to use today.

So if you found that the average customer stays with you for 3 years, and they pay an average of $300, then you know that you can go very negative for a customer. Yes, you can actually spend $200 on a customer, because eventually you will break even, and you will recoup your investment within the next couple of years.

This is how you have to do your math. Math in business is very important because if you don’t know the numbers, you won’t accurately get a clear picture of how much money you are making, and how much money that you are losing. I learned this lesson a long, long time ago.

The next time you advertise, keep in mind the numbers that you have come up with, because they will dictate how, when, and where you spend your advertising dollars. Hopefully you’re getting customers for cheap so that you can be more profitable in your business today.

Now that you know a thing or 2 about math in business, it’s time to put it into action. Get out a sheet of paper and start calculating the lifetime customer value in your business, and how much you can afford to spend on advertising. Your sales and conversion rates will play a factor here too.

If you find that 1 out of every 100 people buy, then that’s a 1% conversion rate. So factor this conversion rate into your math so that you can see how large of an ad that you need to bring more customers through your doors.

Hopefully these tips on math in marketing have inspired you to see how much money you’re spending on advertising, and how many backend customers you need to be working and getting on a daily basis. Once you find out this number, you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing that the math in your business is helping to take your business to a higher level.

Good luck with using these insider tips to improve your sales and profits today.

How Will One Website Define Gear Engineering?

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When the data both audience and also marketers have added over the particular years provides been critical to the particular success involving gear technological innovation, the reports not advised are very possibly a lot more interesting inside the great scheme associated with things. Having to understand the folks and the actual personnel sensible for generating wind generators spin, choppers fly, vehicles shift as well as rovers roving has already been equal areas educational along with entertaining. Anytime someone desires to connote mechanical accuracy and complexness, invariably they will use amongst other items, imagery associated with gearing.

Equipment are mathematically complicated for you to design as well as are comparatively difficult in order to manufacture. The actual last research of their own top quality along with efficiency is usually not while a one component nevertheless as component of any moving kinetic device. In spite of many enhancements aimed in eliminating armor and weapon upgrades and most their complexnesses, gears continue being as important drivers involving power as well as motion basically due to the fact that they work. Visit for more information.

Understand Much More With Regards To Exactly How To Manage The Standing Of Your Small Business

Organizations need to make sure their customers are usually completely happy. With the web connecting countless people very easily, it really is amazingly simple for a negative standing to stick with a small business. It’s also hard for a small business to be able to keep up with what is being said about their particular small business as well as learn precisely how to handle it to be able to boost their particular reputation so they have a higher potential for possible customers selecting them as opposed to a competitor. However, they actually do have choices to be able to help them with this job.

A company owner will not desire to attempt to do that by themselves. In fact, this is going to be amazingly challenging for a company owner to accomplish with virtually no aid. They’ll have to look at the many review website pages frequently to ensure they will spot any kind of reviews as soon as they’re submitted and keep close track of social media and some other websites in order to know precisely what their particular clients are declaring about them. Doing this can take a considerable amount of time, and after that they’ll still need to manage any kind of bad reviews they may find meticulously in order to attempt to fix just about any difficulties.

Instead of endeavoring to do this independently, the company owner could wish to take advantage of a review management platform. This type of platform may check the many review web pages for them and also alert them whenever anything at all brand new is posted. They’re able to then make use of the reputation management platform to monitor the reputation for their business in order to learn just what clients are saying and, most importantly, exactly what likely consumers are finding whenever they will look for much more information in regards to a small business. This could make the difference among a probable customer picking their own small business or going somewhere else.

In case you happen to be a business owner, you will need to be concerned with your internet based reputation. Look into a local seo management platform now to be able to notice exactly how it can help you to ensure your web page will be properly optimized and also ensure you’ll be able to remain on the top of what is being stated with regards to your small business. You are going to want to take a look at Chatmeter now to be able to learn much more regarding exactly what it can do and exactly how it may aid you.

Discovering The Truth About Companies

The Easy Guide to Finding Business Capital Most people you talk to will have at least some kind of a dream of opening up a business by which you can earn a living for yourself. When you have the opportunity to pay for your family with the money you make in your business, you’ll feel so gratified by the work you’ve done. Millions of people have chosen to dedicate their lives to running a good business, and the rewards of doing so are always great. As you might be well aware, it’s usually the case that those entrepreneurs who are starting a business will need to find business funding from somewhere. It’s important that every business owner has some way of getting a capital investment, and there are a number of companies available to offer business loans to small companies. Before a company can get a small business loan, it’s very important to think about the type of loan that you actually want to get so that you aren’t taking on any unnecessary debt for your company. If you need a bit of help in choosing the right kind of loan to secure, then the information below can help you out immensely. The main thing you need to consider when you’re trying to get a loan is just how much working capital you’ll actually need. Because every business has unique needs and equipment requirements, you can see how it’s important to consider the type of work you want to do first. Still, the best advice is to always have enough cash in your coffers so that you can keep the business running for a couple of months if there isn’t much work coming in at first. While you might struggle to really get new customers to come in when you first start out, you’ll eventually have no problem paying back your loan.
What Almost No One Knows About Loans
Any loan you get should also be from a very reputable source. If you need to get some money for your company quickly and effectively, it can be a great idea to consider getting a cash advance online so that you can get back to running your business. You can also go a more traditional route and try to get some bank loans to help you cover all of your operating costs. Ultimately, you will need to think about the kinds of things that your business is trying to achieve to determine what kind of money you want to get.
A Quick Overlook of Loans – Your Cheatsheet
When it comes to getting business loans for your company, it’s crucial that you consider all of the available information first. Once you’ve gotten all of the money you need, however, it shouldn’t be any problem turning your business into something truly special.